Dr Nada Rohde


Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor by Skin Cancer College Australasia (SCCA)








Diploma Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery (SCCA)

Professional Diploma of Dermoscopy Accredited by RACGP

Skin Cancer Institute and International Dermoscopy Society (IDS)

Advanced Cosmetic Medicine


Consult an Accredited Skin Doctor
Australians should protect their skin every day from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and importantly, they should also check their skin for early signs of...
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Professional Dermoscopy Bowral
“My special interest is in early detection of skin cancer and Dermoscopy. This means that I have completed high level training with the Skin Cancer College...
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Specialising in Skin Cancer Treatment, Dermoscopy & Imaging
Skin cancer is a significant problem in Australia with 2 in 3 Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70, making us the country...
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Bowral Skin Cancer Clinic
Dr Rohde is an Accredited Skin Doctor practicing at the Highland Skin Cancer Clinic in Bowral and Ellesmere Medical Centre in Goulburn. The Highland Skin...
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Cancer Clinic for Early Diagnosis & Treatment
Dr Rohde graduated from The University of New South Wales in 1988. She has over 25 years of post graduate experience in Integrative General Practice...
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Have you heard of the latest SKIN SCAN?
SCAN your skin and look for a mole or spot that is: S  ORE                      A...
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Not sure if that mole has changed?
If you've noticed changes recently... you should get your mole checked by a doctor trained in Dermoscopy. Skin examination using a Dermatoscope in the hands...
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SKIN DEEP – Melanoma the Deadly Serious Cancer
Your SKIN protects you, so be Sun Smart and take good care of it. Skin cancer is a big risk related to sun burning and...
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4 Belmore St Bowral, 2576 NSW

(02) 4861 6611


Monday – Thursday

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