Not sure if that mole has changed?

If you’ve noticed changes recently… you should get your mole checked by a doctor trained in Dermoscopy.

Skin examination using a Dermatoscope in the hands of a trained experienced doctor significantly reduces the number of normal moles being surgically removed.
Dermoscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that uses a magnifier and a polarising light to examine skin lesions. This hand-held device allows for visualisation of surface dermal structures that are otherwise not visible with the naked eye.
Medical research has shown (Journal American Medical Assoc JAMA and BJD and British Journal of Dermatology) that a doctor trained in dermoscopy is significantly more likely to pick up early aggressive melanoma as well as other skin cancers. Dr Rohde from Highlands Skin Cancer Clinic has post graduated training in dermoscopy and provides skin imaging using digital dermoscopy. This means that you’re less likely to have an unnecessary skin biopsy or excision and the chance of detecting the change of “that” mole is greater. Skin imaging will also allow the doctor to store the image if need be and follow it up for any new changes.

If you’ve noticed changes recently, book in at Highlands Skin Cancer Clinic – Bowral for your Skin Cancer Checkup (02) 4861 6611.



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