Dermal Filler Treatment In Bowral

The derma fillers treatment is a non-surgical procedure The dermal filler cross linking determines their viscosity and injection techniques and dermal fillers can be site specific. Dr Nada Rohde uses a very fine needle to inject at dermal filler just under the skin to fill a wrinkle or a skin fold. To add volume to face Doctor Rohde uses special techniques and sometimes a painless safe fine cannula. The choice and injection technique of a dermal filler is determined by experience of the Doctor.

The injection technique is pain free. Doctor Nada Rohde is a skin surgeon as well and uses nerve blocks and local anaesthetics creams and injections to make your procedure comfortable and pain free.

The procedure is safe,pain free and due to advanced technique used by Dr Nada Rohde, the down time is minimal. You can continue life as usual and your friends will not notice anything except that you look rejuvenated, softer smile lines, and your lipstick does not “bleed’ and your lips are fuller, fuller and your appearance overall younger.

Trust the professional care of Dr Nada Rhode for your dermal fillers treatment in our Bowral clinic. Thanks to our caring attitude and friendly treatments, we’re the favourite cosmetic skin clinic in Moss Vale, Mittagong and surrounding areas.

Side effects with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have proven over long time to be very safe.

Dr Nada Rohde advises that  you stop fish oils and other supplements such as anti-inflammatory medications before treatment. If you are on aspirin for medical reason please DO NOT stop aspirin. Dr Nada Rohde uses special techniques which cause minimal bruising even on aspirin.

Side effects such as swelling, discoloration, tingling and infection can occur but are rare. People prone to herpes infection (cold sore) need to use a preventative medication prior to treatment.

Dr Nada Rohde takes a wholistic approach and follow a strict clinical protocol to ensure a safe and minimally invasive procedure.

How long do Dermal Fillers last?

Dermal fillers are cross linked and  this determines their gel viscosity and  structural resistance, ‘strength’ and longevity. The choice of a dermal filler treatment is tailored to your anatomy, skin and facial aging and expectation. Your facial expression, age, state of health and nutrition can determine how long a dermal filler lasts as does volume injected and frequency of injections.

The dermal filler stimulates tissue regeneration and produces a residual  lasting tissue regeneration even after the filler has worn off.

Dr Nada Rohde estimate of duration based on clinical experience and product specifications estimates that most dermal fillers last between 5-12 months for low cross linked products and 18-24 months for high cross linked products depending on the product used.

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