Eyebrow Art


You have no doubt heard about the exciting new eyebrow feathering   

Doctor Nada Rohde has trained in the state-of-the-art techniques taught by the famous David Brow from Singapore and is proud to bring this technique to the Southern Highlands. She has trained in the nano feathering using Purebeau nanotechnology as well as in using a David microblading blade to created simply natural and perfectly balanced brows.

It is the new eyebrow styling technique (everyone is talking about) using feathering and Ombre look – a specialised, bloodless technique applying a safe natural pigment under the top layer of the skin lasting up to two years. It is carefully applied superficially so it is NOT as deep as permanent makeup tattooing.

The advanced nanotechnology used by Dr Nada Rohde to created natural brows with shape and structure defining your unique brow shape and enhancing your facial features. It is suited to all skin colours and brow types. You can have zero brows, blonde ultra-faint brows, have lost your brows due to illness or alopecia, or you just need a little help filling your arches.

Dr Nada Rohde can re-create your perfect brows using German made pigments by Purebau that matches your natural brow colour and uses several shades, so they look 6D multidimensional and natural. For that special look Dr Nada Rohde can add the Ombre powder look as well creating a youthful glamorous look.

The procedure is done with medical grade local anaesthetic and is painless. It involves a bloodless sterile technique creating tiny superficial nano ‘nics’ along the pre designed brow shape, and a micro amount of pigment are ‘bladed in’ using a controlled hand and artistic flair to create a 6D image of perfect brows you have always wanted.

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All cosmetic consults are charged a consulting fee of $100 which is deducted from cost of any treatment discussed in consultation within 1 month.