Premature aging can particularly be obvious around the eyes, the midface, around the lips, the neck, and hands. We live in harsh UV environment and relative to the rest of the world where are prone to premature aging and skin damage.

The aging face

The tear troughs in the corners of the eyes may appear darker and sunken. Lower lids may look puffy forming dark circles, giving the appearance of older and worn out look.
The cheeks may lose the fulness and appear drawn losing the the softness of the midface.
The temples may hollow and give the face an angular look again loosing softness and fullness.
And if this is not enough, the face can also be ‘pulled down’ by the heaviness of the folds running from the nose to the mouth corners. The corners of the mouth tends to droop and give a sad old look.
The jawls are formed as the lower cheek fat is pulled by the gravity and the jawline is lost.
The neck of course always gives away the aging. The horizontal lines can become quite pronounced and the long cords and fold running from the chin down may give a turtle neck appearance. The neck skin can look crepe like.
The hands are often more exposed to the UV than the face, and age faster. The blood vessels tend to be more pronounced, the skin much thinner, and very discoloured.

The Good News

Facial Sculpting is a general term describing the overall cosmetic treatment plan for restoring natural volume and contours to your face and facial expressions.

There are many non surgical minimally invasive, safe and painless cosmetic treatments which when combined in correct order can restore facial softness, volume and contours.

The overall look is natural and does not change your expressions or turn you into looking like a new person. You look refreshed and a younger version of you.

Dr Nada Rohde provides a personalised assessment of  your aging process and needs for each of the areas including:
  • Eye area
  • Upper face eye wrinkle softening, eyelid and trough volume restoration and eyebrow lift and contouring
  • Mid face non surgical lift cheek and temple augmentation and contouring, liquid facelift
  • Lower face chin augmentation and contouring, softening of mouth drooping, jawline restoration
  • Lips restoration, contouring and augmentation
  • Neck lift treatments
  • Decolletage crapiness and wrinkle softening, firming up skin
  • Hands dermal fillers and volume restoration

Solutions for a natural refreshed new look

Non Surgical Treatments include a combination of;

  • Anti wrinkle injections
  • Dermal fillers
  • Fat dissolving injections
  • Liquid face injections
  • Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Laser and skin tightening treatments

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All cosmetic consults are charged a consulting fee of $100 which is deducted from cost of any treatment discussed in consultation within 1 month.