Beautiful natural lips do not have to look fake or overdone.

With age, smoking, illness, and sun exposure lips can suffer loss of shape, volume, and become thin and wrinkled.

The younger women usually prefer more of a fuller pout while the more mature women prefer to enhance what they already have and perhaps a touch more to have a fuller more natural lips.

The choice is individual and Dr Rohde aims to support your choice and provide best aesthetic guidance and outcome.

The skill of injecting is not to just create bigger lips creating beautiful natural sensual lips requires an aesthetic eye and ability to restore first not only the lips but the symmetry and surrounding tissues. Sensuous lips need shape, support definition and proportion – not just volume – and this only comes about from a sense of aesthetic knowledge of anatomy, facial movements and artistry on the part of the doctor.

Dr Nada Rohde uses a special technique to inject the filler which;

  • Avoids bruising
  • Delivers a more uniform and smoother lip augmentation, not the “lumpy lips” when a needle is used.
  • No “fish” lips
  • Natural lip corners and lip lines
  • Softening of upper lip wrinkles 
  • Lip line color enhancement if needed

How long does the procedure last?

Dr Rohde approach to lip enhancement is to hear your expectation and individualise your procedure to meet your expectation and anatomical requirement wiht optimal product choice using latest advanced procedures.

The procedure takes around 30 minutes and is performed painlessly under local anaesthetic nerve block similar to that used by dentists. During the procedure Dr Rohde will facilitate your input so that you can monitor and contribute to feedback and the final look.

Which dermal filler is the best? 

There are many TGA approved product on the market. Doctor Rohde is trained and has over 15 years of experience in using all the TGA approved products and techniques. Dr Rohde follows a strict clinical protocol and cosmetic assessment of your facial anatomy and facial movements and prescribe a suitable filler to meet your requirement and cosmetic expectation.

Types of dermal lip fillers

Non permanent dermal fillers – Doctor Rohde uses only non-permanent fillers that contain as their active ingredient, the identical polysaccharide (complex sugar chain) present in human skin. Therefore, as these Dermal Fillers are chemically identical to your own skin’s ‘natural skinmatrix filler’, the risk of an allergic reaction is extremely low and pre-treatment skin testing is NOT required. Dr Rohde uses these dermal fillers because they:

  • provide excellent wrinkle, volume and asymmetry correction
  • produce a natural tissue softness, structure and feel
  • have a proven safety record
  • can be corrected and reversed by injecting an enzyme to breakdown the dermal filler
  • do not require pre-treatment testing for allergy
  • deliver a worthwhile duration of correction: 6-18 months
  • can be used interchangably 

What to expect after the procedure

Mild and temporary and swelling of the lips is usual for the first 48-72 hours as the Dermal Filler is ‘hydrophilic’ i.e. it attracts water to itself from the surrounding tissues. After 48-72 hours, this swelling disappears and the volume of the lips settles back to that created by the Dermal Filler alone.

You should have NO or minimal bruising with the advanced technique.

Dr Nada Rohde provides post procedure follow up anytime you need it.

How long does the dermal filler last?

Lip enhancement can last up 12 months or longer depending on the amount and brand of filler used. A top-up can be done at any time if desired.

What happens if I change my mind?

This is very rare however it is good to know that a filler can be broken down by a special enzyme. Dr Nada Rohde can inject the enzyme to correct or reduce the volume. The cost of the enzyme and doctors time is charged extra.


– Only a doctor can inject a local anaesthetic to make the procedure painless 

– Be careful of ‘injectors’ doing the procedure. The fillers are schedule 4 medication and a nurse is permitted to inject only if the doctor at the practice has consulted a patient about the fillers.

– When choosing a procedure be careful not to choose only on price.

Dr Rohde is an experienced doctor may charge slightly more but this is reflective of her skill and experience.  It is skill and experience that sets one result apart from another!  Furthermore, be very wary about cheap injectable ‘deals’ as they may reflect a product not approved by TGA and therefore unsafe.

Call Dr Nada Rohde on (02) 4861 6611 for your consultation

All cosmetic consults are charged a consulting fee of $100 which is deducted from cost of any treatment discussed in consultation within 1 month.