The Skin Check Process

The majority of patients will have a full check, which is where the skin is examined with underwear being left on. However, a more limited examination may be performed if a patient so desires e.g. upper half only, exposed areas only, or even just a single spot.

Privacy is respected with examinations conducted with the patient in their underwear.

Skin in the breast, genital, and buttock areas is not routinely examined, however skin cancers can occur in theses regions and any suspicious lesions should be examined by the doctor.

To facilitate a thorough examination it is preferred that make up (especially foundation) and nail polish is not worn to the consultation.

The skin is examined with a magnifying lamp first, and then dermoscopy is performed using a hand held dermatoscope and also a computerized dermatoscope if needed. Any spots of interest are recorded and analysed or excised if need be.

Treatment will usually be carried out at the time of consultation e.g. biopsy, or perhaps cryotherapy for sunspots. Surgical excisions, however, will usually be scheduled for a separate appointment. Total body photography may be recommended if you are an appropriate high-risk patient, and this is arranged at a separate appointment.